University of Louisiana at Lafayette Opens New Parking Facility


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University of Louisiana at Lafayette Opens New Parking Facility

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The University of Louisiana at Lafayette just unveiled its new, state-of-the-art parking facility, which will serve the growing needs of the University and support a significant campus master plan.

The University has experienced significant growth in recent years, including the addition of significant student housing and academic space. These projects are a part of an overall campus master plan initiative, which the University will continue to implement in the coming years.

Our firm worked with the University and their Master Planner (Architects Southwest) to perform a parking study to analyze current and future parking needs to support continued growth and expansion plans now and into the future. After completing the parking master planning assignment, our firm worked with Ambling University Development Group to deliver a new 1175-space garage using a public-private approach.  The new parking garage also includes 17,000 square feet of academic space and is designed to accommodate a future solar farm on the top level.

The new parking facility will support the parking needs of the growing campus, and serves as a unique model for integrating parking, mixed-use, and sustainability.

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