Changing Healthcare and Transportation: Trends for Integrating Mobility


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Changing Healthcare and Transportation: Trends for Integrating Mobility

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On April 3, our firm brought together parking, transportation, and mobility professionals from throughout the country to discuss the future of the industry. The latest program in our seminar series highlighted the integration of mobility and technology and the impact to healthcare institutions and transportation infrastructure in the future.

The seminar brought together some of the leading experts on these issues. Roamy Valera, CEO, North America of PayByPhone discussed the future of connected cars and driverless vehicles. Bringing the perspective of a major automobile manufacturer (PayByPhone is a part of Volkswagon), Roamy also outlined the trends playing into the transformation of parking and mobility including increased adoption of and investment in technologies, digitalization, and an increased focus on sustainability.

The seminar also featured a presentation from David Kim. Mr. Kim is the Vice President, Government Affairs for Hyundai Motor Company and the Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Governmental Affairs for the U.S. Department of Transportation. He discussed the convergence of transportation and technology in recent years, as well as the shifting of public policy to accommodate these changes.

Finally, the seminar concluded with a session from Kevin Mahoney, who was recently appointed CEO of the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Kevin highlighted the strides being made throughout the healthcare industry to offer more convenient and effective services through the integration of technology, as well as the shifting approaches of healthcare to more effectively utilize planning, design, development, and technology strategies to better serve patients in a more comfortable, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

We want to thank our speakers for joining us to discuss a wide range of topics critical to our industry today, and for sharing their thoughts and perspectives regarding the future of our industry in the years to come.