Teamwork, Proposals, and Hiring Decisions


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Teamwork, Proposals, and Hiring Decisions

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There are plenty of inspirational sayings on teamwork that are often applied to consulting and project work. These are frequently referenced in requests for proposals (RFPs) for studies, design, and construction.

Clients and owners, understandably, want to hire firms and teams that have successful prior project experience. The flip side is that as architects and engineers, we prefer to work with other firms we trust and with whom we have shared project experience and good working relationships. These successful teams have much value to offer a client, eliminating potential learning curves and miscommunication and even advancing project schedules through close coordination.

Perhaps there is value, however, in considering new team relationships. New relationships can create friction, but they can also bring change (the good kind). They may spur creativity and innovation by different and unique individuals collaborating for the first time.

They may see opportunities (and pitfalls) established teams could miss.

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Consultants Column, April 2014