Shine Your Light!


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Shine Your Light!

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We are already a month into 2019. We’ve all wished each other a happy new year, desiring a successful year filled with goals, strategies, revenue, profit, recognition and promotion. Wouldn’t you agree that this is the general approach to our colleagues?

Our wish for others is often professional and company-wide growth. We forget to talk about the successes that are defined by our life’s joys. It is not only about the business attributes, but also the lives of people who make the workplace to be a success. It is who we are at the workplace that creates a foundation for success.

The focus of honing business attributes lies in understanding what your business does and what it needs. Many view business with a lens that: “Your Business Is Our Life.” The other lens focuses on life and views it in reverse, “Your Life Is Our Business.”

There is more to business than a transaction. It is the means of obtaining life, but the deciding factor of that life is who you choose to be at the end of the day and what type of person we are to others. Let’s begin to take steps to shine light into our workplace and unto others that may need encouragement today.  Shine your light!