Certified Parksmart Advisors


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Certified Parksmart Advisors

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We employ the most advanced and recent sustainability initiatives. In May 2017, over 25 staff members have completed the International Parking Institute’s Parksmart Advisor Training course.  As our firm continues to advance our practices in environmental stewardship, the Parksmart Certification serves as a great tool for industry-wide application.

Parksmart is a rating system that measures the knowledge and application of a client’s parking structure design in relation to minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption. Many facets of completing a parking structure are reviewed for the certification: energy-efficient lighting systems; effective guidance systems to reduce time it takes to park; parking lot layout and proximity to roadways; storm water management; and other variables. This rating system is currently administered by the U.S. Green Business Council (USGBC).

Our Parksmart Advisors assure optimal energy consumption levels and long-term, cost-efficient operations in parking structures. As part of our mission to help those in need, we have identified areas in which we can assist clients in implementing sustainable practices. As we build these relationships from the ground up, together we can apply all aspects of the environmental benefits to extend into providing for clients’ needs and charitable organizations.

For more information, please visit http://parksmart.gbci.org/certification.