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Why do I need a parking consultant?

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Parking facilities are unique structures with specific design requirements related to functionality, efficiency, economics, and durability. Parking consultants steer the design of a parking or mixed-use facility in the right direction from the very outset, helping to ensure a successful parking-oriented project. These consultants bring expertise in parking-specific requirements and considerations, facilitating a seamless parking structure design and construction process and integration into the surrounding environs. Specifically, a parking consultant understands the importance of recognizing key planning and design issues, such as:

    • “Right-sized” parking space count
    • Proper site plan that considers adjacent uses and constraints
    • Efficient and user-friendly functional design
    • Economy, including both initial construction and ongoing operating costs
    • Patron safety and security
    • Pedestrian circulation and connectivity
    • Sustainable design strategies
    • Compliance with building and accessibility codes
    • Durable design

Parking planning and integration should begin at the very start of any development, with the consultant leading or supporting the team in crafting a comfortable and intuitive, yet efficient, design. With expertise in creating functional designs, a consultant prioritizes an acceptable level of service for garage patrons and, most importantly, affordable design. An experienced parking consultant is also able to marry function, aesthetics, and structure to balance user comfort, operational success, and structural economy, regardless of whether the garage is designed using precast or cast-in-place construction.


*Federal, State, and Local codes govern most of these requirements and should be thoroughly investigated. Data presented herein should be considered guidelines only.  For more specific information and assistance with the implementation of these guidelines, don’t hesitate to get in touch with THA Consulting, Inc. via email at