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Should photovoltaic systems (solar panels) be coordinated with lighting upgrades, alternative fuels, and other sustainable ideas?

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When installing a photovoltaic system on an existing structure, it is also an appropriate time to upgrade lighting and other sustainable design features. This will provide the most energy efficient upgrades as a whole to maximize return on investment in the facility over a period of time. Efficient lighting upgrades work well in conjunction with photovoltaics supplying much of the power needed.  When designing new structures, it is important to coordinate lighting, electric vehicle, and other systems carefully to achieve the best energy efficiency for the entire facility.

*Federal, State, and Local codes govern most of these requirements and should be thoroughly investigated. Data presented herein should be considered guidelines only.  For more specific information and assistance with implementation of these guidelines, please contact THA Consulting, Inc. via email at info@tha-consulting.com