New Brunswick Performing Arts Center Opens


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New Brunswick Performing Arts Center Opens

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On September 5th, our firm along with the New Brunswick Parking Authority celebrated the grand opening of the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center, as well as the parking garage located on Livingston Avenue. This brand new center has already been booked through the end of 2019 by reputable associations like the American Repertory Ballet, Rutgers Theater Company and Crossroads Theatre Company. The Performing Arts Center ended up costing about $64-million, and Christopher J. Paladino (President of New Brunswick Development Corporation) believes that every dollar was worth it, stating that the arts center is expected to make that money back within 3 seasons since it is anticipated to bring about $25 million to the city annually.

As for the parking garage itself, our firm implemented a key technological feature for individuals with an electronic vehicle by installing dedicated EV charging stations directly into the garage walls in order to create a safe and efficient way of charging your vehicle. Also, this garage features numerous bike racks located directly outside of the entrance, available to use for anyone who stumbles upon them.

The community is hoping that the opening of the Performing Arts Center will encourage people to visit and experience what New Brunswick has to offer!