City View Parking Structure Project Wins IPI Award of Excellence!


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City View Parking Structure Project Wins IPI Award of Excellence!

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The International Parking Institute (IPI) recently announced the winners of the 2016 IPI Awards of Excellence at its annual conference in Nashville. Our firm is honored to have received an award for Architectural Achievement for the Miami Design District City View parking structure project.  This is the top honor chosen in the overall competition.

The City View parking structure includes 559 parking spaces with approximately 22,660 square feet of retail on ground level, and 14,790 square feet of office space. To complement the District’s dedication to the creative experience, it provides an attractive connection between parking and the rest of the development with its vibrant facades, dramatic lighting, and ground floor retail spaces that engage the pedestrian. The entire mixed-use facility has been treated as a canvas for public artwork. It serves as an intriguing visual to invite passersby to come check out the area.

Our firm served as the architect and structural engineer of record for this groundbreaking project, working with DACRA, KVC Constructors, Leong Leong, and IwamtoScott. We are thrilled to have been recognized by IPI with this honor!


City View Garage_1_by Aerial Photography, Inc.

City View Garage_5_by Robin Hill (c)